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UP300 in China


I can’t believe Up3d in China…

In this innovative digital dental time. An emerging digital product manufacturer is rapidly evolving. In the past two years, I even thought it was going bankrupt. I can’t believe it came alive, even in China.

Shenzhen Up3d Tech Co.,Ltd is the first company, who researches and developes independently the dental design software in China, and it is dedicated in researching and developing and manufacturing the dental 3d model scanner, dental CAD/CAM system as the most excellent dental design software developer in China.


Up3d has insisted on innovative research and development of independent scanners, which quickly occupied most of Chinese market. Because of the huge volume of orders every day from all over the world. Designers work overtime to design teeth. The largest processing centers are located in Shenzhen, China. Can you imagine that more than 60 designers in a dental lab design teeth at the same time, not only designing, but also milling and printing.

Due to the large amount of orders, the accuracy of the design directly affects the accuracy of the test after milling. Therefore, the first step of scanning is particularly important. Most of today's dental laboratories and design centers still use model scanning. Speed and precision are the most important criteria for choosing a scanner. That’s why UP300 selling so hot in China now.


Compared to other scanners of well-known brands, Up3d still has a lot of things to improve. But compared to the past, the current products are more and more stable, more types, and better results. Save time with the use. It is famous for its small size, practicality, economy and ease of use. It is also one of Up3d's most proud products.It is self-developed, designing a single tooth and a simple restoration is very fast and convenient, and has become the design software of choice for many small labs.

Now, I believe Up3d’s influence will be great in China even in the world in the next three years quickly. Now, Up3d is becoming more and more famous in the dental word. Up3d's philosophy is to provide a full solution of dental services in the future, from making impression to milling , Up3d will help every clinic and processing plant complete as well, providing CAD/CAM equipment, training, solutions and services. Make digital dentistry more convenient for everyone. Let’s work together!