UP200 dental 3d model scanner is a professional dental 3d scanner,which is self researched and developed and manufactured by Shenzhen Up3d Tech Co.,Ltd,its main function is reconstructing the 3d data in dental care field.

The accuracy of the reconstructed 3d data is less than 10 micron that it reaches the leading level internationally,

and it realizes the scanning work with high speed,high accuracy and automation,so that it guarantees the customers 

less worry,less effort and less time in using the scanner.

The release of UP3D dental 3d model scanner fills the blank of dental scanner in China,for not only owning the independent intellectual property but also software copyright.


UP200 is one of the most cost effective non contact blue light 3d dental scanner of UP3D dental scanner series,which 

can realize the reconstruction work of 3d data accurately and quickly.

Open space for scanning

Structured light,Surface projecting,Fast scanning speed  

LED light with low interference from surrounding lighting conditions and high accurate scanned data  

40,000 working hours 

Customized DLP projector from Texas Instruments

Low heating,high stability

1. High speed multi-die scanning

Multi-die scanning 41s

Arch scanning 41s

Antagonist scanning 14s

6=1 abutments scanning time

Scanning 6 abutments in one time to save the scanning time and improve the working efficiency

2. High accuracy

Absolute <10μm 

3. Practicability

Supports all the design types of dental CAD

Stone model,impression,scanbody,wax up,

mushbite,orthodontics,removable denture,etc

4.Wider applicability 

Projecting multi color lights


 Scanning multi color models

5. Streamline and simplicity  

Automatic guiding work flow and auto-align,guarantees fast scanning with simplicity and accuracy

6. Open source,freedom and free-fitting CAD design software

UP200 dental scanner outputs the general open source 3d scanned data-STL format,which is compatible with major CAD software in dental field.The users can use other CAD software or 

UP3D CAD/CAM system.

7. Order sharing in real time 

UP200 dental 3d scanner supports scanning and designing in different computers simultaneously via UPDentalManager order management system to realize order sharing in real time in UP3D CAD/CAM system.

8. High cost effective

With the most stable quality and the most cost effective price,helping you enter the digitized dental field.

Selling flexibly,perfect localized service